Stanford CS 课程整理 1




2 intro cs1U Practical Unix
3 programming cs41 The Python Programming Language
4 mobile cs47 Cross-Platform Mobile Development
5 programming cs106A Programming Methodology
6 programming cs106B Programming Abstractions
7 programming cs106L Standard C++ Programming Laboratory
8 programming cs106M Enrichment Adventures in Programming Abstractions
9 intro cs106E Exploring Computing
10 systems cs107 Computer Organization and Systems
11 systems cs107e Computer Systems from the Ground Up
12 programming cs108 Object-Oriented Systems Design
13 math cs109 Probability for Computer Scientists
14 systems cs110 Principles of Computer Systems
15 systems cs110L Safety in Systems Programming
16 systems cs111 Operating Systems Principles
17 AI cs124 From Languages to Information
18 AI cs129 Applied Machine Learning
19 vision cs131 Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications
20 systems cs140 Operating Systems
21 systems cs140E Embedded Operating Systems
22 web apps cs142 Web Applications
23 systems cs143 Compilers
24 networking cs144 Introduction to Computer Networking
25 databases cs145 Data Management and Data Systems
26 HCI cs147 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
27 graphics cs148 Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging
28 systems cs149 Parallel Computing
29 programming cs151 Logic Programming
30 theory cs154 Introduction to the Theory of Computation
31 security cs155 Computer and Network Security
32 theory cs157 Computational Logic
33 algorithms cs161 Desgin and Analysis of Algorithms
34 algorithms cs166 Data Structures
35 ethics cs182 Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change
36 application cs193U Video Game Development in C++ and Unreal Engine
37 application cs193P iOS Application Development
38 application cs194A Android Programming Workshop
39 law cs202 Law for Computer Science Professionals
40 law cs204 Computational Law
41 law cs209 Law, Bias & Algorithms
42 algorithms cs205L Continuous Mathematical Methods with an Emphases on ML
43 AI cs221 Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques
44 robotics cs223A Introduction to Robotics
45 AI cs224N Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
46 AI cs224S Spoken Language Processing
47 AI cs224W Machine Learning with Graphs
48 robotics cs225A Experimental Robotics
49 AI cs228 Probabilistic Graphical Models
50 AI cs229 Machine Learning
51 AI cs230 Deep Learning
52 AI cs231N Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
53 graphics cs233 Geometric and Topological Data Analysis
54 AI cs234 Reinforcement Learning
55 AI cs236G Generative Adversarial Networks
56 AI cs231A Computer Vision: 3D Reconstruction to Recognition
57 robotics cs237B Principles of Robot Autonomy II
58 AI cs238 Decision Making under Uncertainty
59 systems cs240 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
60 programming cs242 Programming Languages
61 systems cs243 Program Analysis and Optimization
62 big data cs246 Mining Massive Datasets
63 databases cs245 Principles of Data-Intensive Systems
64 graphics cs248 Interactive Computer Graphics
65 application/blockchain cs251 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies
66 theory cs254 Computational Complexity
67 theory cs254B Computational Complexity II
68 security cs255 Introduction to Cryptography
69 algorithms cs261 Optimization and Algorithmic Paradigm
70 theory cs265 Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis
71 ??? cs269I Incentives in Computer Science
72 application/bio cs273a The Human Genome Source Code
73 application/bio cs275 Translational Bioinformatics
74 ??? cs278 Social Computing
75 application/bio cs279 Computational Biology: Structure and Organization of Biomolecules and Cells
76 robotics cs326 Topics in Advanced Robotic Manipulation
77 AI cs329S Machine Learning Systems Design
78 AI cs330 Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning
79 graphics cs348I Computer Graphics in the Era of AI
80 graphics cs348A Computer Graphics: Geometric Modeling/Processing
81 graphics cs348B Image Synthesis Techniques
82 graphics cs348C Computer Graphics: Animation and Simulation
83 graphics cs348K Visual Computing Systems
84 application/finance cs349F Technologies for Financial Systems
85 security cs355 Topics in Cryptography
86 security cs356 Topics in Computer and Network Security
87 graphics cs448B Visualization
88 graphics cs468 Non-Euclidean Methods in Machine Learning
89 music cs476a Music, Computing, and Design: The Art of Design


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