It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something in this blog. Probably I am going to tell you some important things that happened recently:

  1. I am actually a pre-member of the NWPU’s ACM team.
    (Actually, the first training will begin at 1pm right today.)

  2. The mid-term exam.
    (The scores of the Mathmatical Analysis is kinda okay (91/100), but the Advanced Algebra still hasn’t released the scores and I am extremely worried by now. )

As for the habits, unfortunately, not progressing. Moreover, it seems that the first term of my college life is right about to end. I am preparing for the final exams (lots of, lots of exams) in this month, which is really tense.

Whatever, I recently found a way to study with high efficiency - go to the study room(In the dorm building with is more compact and you can see neighours and classmates) all night till about 12:00. I believed that the regular time arranged for study is key to study well, so I am trying this way to improve.