Regrettably, today’s weekly diary — my first weekly diary — will mainly consist of my reflection.

Since the last “self-discipline incident” to today, many things have happened.

Preparing for English speech contests, bacterial infections in the lungs, losing umbrellas, forgetting to run laps, discovering that I failed in the military training physical test, preparing for the physical test next week, the English teacher reminded us to practice oral English every day, and the modern history teacher criticized us for not preparing for oral history interviews as soon as possible …

It still confirms the familiar sentence, insist on one thing, no matter what the pause is in the middle, it will be paused forever, from “do it every day!” to “I seem to stick to some habits…what is it? ?”.

I hope I insist on physical exercise, I hope I can reasonably arrange the time of $\text{ACM}$, I hope I go to bed and get up early, I hope I learn mathematics ahead of time, I hope I read more math textbooks, I hope I review more $\text{OI} $Knowledge, I hope to type more code…

As a result, all the above hopes have not met the required requirements and effects.

However, I finally finished reading the book A New Earth :

“What is your goal now?”
“Progress in career and contribute to society…”
“Your goal now is to sit here and communicate with me, nothing more.”

I seem to know the solution, which is to immediately determine my goal at this moment and do it immediately.